ring some bath fun with our Salt & Crystal aromatic salt bath made from 100% natural ingredients. This is amazing healthy dose of pure essential oils for a truly transcendent aromatherapeutic escape. Made from highest quality of Himalayan salt, it will bliss you into a relaxing state leave your skin smooth & smelling heavenly.

Make your day a spa day with SALT&CRISTAL body bath!

Each bath salt contains:

sweet almond oil for truly moisturizing effect,
Baking soda to draw out impurities and soften the skin,
Himalayan salt for detoxifying effect,
Epsom Salts for soothing tired skin and sore muscles,
Combination of pure Essential Oils and delightful Fragrant Oils.
How to use:

Fill the tub with water to the desired level, take a handful of bath salt, pour it into the bath and let it fizz. Than just get in and let the natural goodness soak into your skin.

NOTE: Take a shower before you start a spa session!