Labradorite calms an overactive mind and energizes the imagination, bringing in new ideas. It is a wonderful tool for returning joy and spontaneity back to one’s life. It helps eliminate the emotional drain of daily routine or being weighed down by responsibility and awakens a sense of adventure and change. Labradorite crystal is one of the most powerful stones that can support your intentions by encouraging you to go after what you genuinely want without placing any limits on what you can achieve. When you find yourself in the darkness, connecting with the uplifting and inspiring energy of the Labradorite crystal stone can help you tap back into the light. This makes Labradorite a powerful crystal for intention-setting and manifesting because it unleashes your full potential. The otherworldly nature of this stone also makes it a great crystal for sleep, especially when it comes to dreams.

Affirmation: I am capable for anything I set my mind to. I am limitless.

How to use your Labradorite crystal stone:

Clear your crystal with water, smudge with incense stick, Palo Santo, or Sage.
Set your intention how the crystal should work for you.
Meditate with your stones. Relax your vibes and let it resonate with your own energy.
Carry it with you. Hold it into your pocket or purse.
Feng Shui in your home.
Create a crystal Grid.